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Pan-African passport launched at AU Summit

The promised pan-African passport was launched and the financing of the African Union (AU) was among the many issues discussed by heads of state...

WEF Africa 2016: How do we deliver shared prosperity across the continent?

Important questions will be discussed in Kigali, Rwanda this week, as the World Economic Forum on Africa gathers under the theme "Connecting Africa's Resources through Digital Transformation". We take a look at the meeting's main sub-themes.

The impact, profile and reputation of South Africa on the African continent

Brand South Africa and the South African Research Chair Initiative in African Diplomacy is hosting a roundtable on South Africa relations with fellow African countries at the University of Johannesburg. Based on Brand South Africa's SA Inc research project, the findings that will be shared will provide a holistic view of South Africa's impact on the continent.

South Africa – the third biggest source of FDI on the continent

South Africa's presence is increasing in Africa, with local brands able to shape the culture of shopping in countries like Nigeria, says Brand South Africa's research manager, Petrus de Kock. South Africa is one of the top three countries of origin for foreign direct investment in Africa, meaning our companies have internationalised at a rapid pace since 1994.

African musicians mine a rich vein of history

African musicians of today are more than just singers banging out a beat for people to dance. They tackle pressing issues using ancient musical traditions, keeping alive the spirit of West Africa's griots. They too are the oral story-tellers and poets who have always been the continent's historians and commentators.

The true size of Africa

  A detail from Kai Krause's True Size of Africa map. See this map for full details. By Anne Taylor 13 September 2013 Every day, I learn something...

Aid agency to launch in SA

South Africa will launch its own development aid agency in 2011 in a move likely to boost the country’s status as an emerging economic power and champion of the African continent.

'Unprecedented' interest in Africa news

African trade ‘requires infrastructure’

The time has come for "concrete action" to develop Africa's infrastructure in order to raise the level of intra-African trade, South African President Jacob Zuma tells a Nepad Infrastructure Experts meeting in Pretoria.

African adventure for local woman

In February 2011 Johannesburg-based Jolandie Rust will embark on an epic solo journey to circumnavigate Africa on her bicycle. The journey, which could take up to two and a half years, will cover approximately 40 000km and 34 countries.
SA woman conquers the Seven Summits

First for African forest stewards

In a first for the African continent, the Forest Stewardship Council has bestowed its certification for community-managed natural forest on two communities in Tanzania.


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