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Small businesses learn how to get consumers’ attention online

Attention was the new currency, said Linah Maigurira, one of the speakers at the National Small Business Chamber Summit. For brands to get customers,...

Almost half of African millionaires make South Africa their home

Johannesburg has long been known as the City of Gold. It is the top place that African millionaires call their home.

South African consumer service bodies

African consumers ‘optimistic, eager to spend’

The number of Africans at all income levels who are able and willing to buy a range of products may be larger than many companies believe, with emerging consumer classes fuelling a pent-up demand for products and services, according to a new report by The Boston Consulting Group.

Buy Back South Africa, save and create jobs

South African consumers – large companies' procurement managers at in particular – are being urged to help stop the bleeding out of jobs inflicted by cheap, subsidised foreign imports, by buying locally manufactured goods. The Buy Back SA campaign was launched by Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies on Tuesday 19 November.

Adverts target rhino horn consumers

Adverts target rhino horn consumers

"Rhino horn is made of the same stuff as human nails. Still want some?" Conservation organisations WWF and TRAFFIC, as part of their campaign against the illegal wildlife trade, are running a series of myth-busting adverts aimed at encouraging Vietnamese citizens to stop buying or consuming rhino horn.
South Africans 'must save more'

Consumer cash flow improves

South African consumers experienced an improved cash flow in the first quarter of 2012, according to the latest Consumer Financial Vulnerability Index.
Foreign investors eye African consumers

Foreign investors eye African consumers

Foreign investors in Africa have, until recently, tended to put their money in the riches that lie beneath its soil. Now, a growing number of major investors - such as Walmart, the world's biggest retail company - are betting on the continent's ultimate wealth: Africans themselves.
Consumers warned of 'rates trap'

Consumers warned of ‘rates trap’

Consumers should not commit to huge home and car loans to take advantage of low interest rates, as these are expected to start rising at the end of 2011, as a result of inflationary pressures caused by rising food and fuel prices.

South African consumers help rebuild fish stocks

Thanks to South African consumers, the demand for over-exploited fish stocks is declining. Increasing consumer pressure on seafood retailers to stock sustainably harvested fish and support eco-friendly fishing methods have caused stocks of species such as kingklip to show signs of recovery.
SA protects its oceans

South Africa: start saving!

‘Spend wisely, avoid the debt trap’

In an environment of high inflation and over-indebtedness, the National Credit Regulator is urging South African consumers to think twice before applying for credit - and to spend their hard-earned money on "must haves" rather than "nice to haves".


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