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Make saving the planet a habit

Countless organisations around the globe are sharing tips on how to save the planet on World Environment Day on 5 June. But they will also encourage people to turn these tips into daily habits.

MWeb launches cloud storage service

Start-up takes computing to the people

South African entrepreneur Luvuyo Rani is providing residents from some of the country’s most impoverished areas with an opportunity to access the internet and learn about computers through his business, Silulo Ulutho Internet Cafe.

E-classroom, a fun way to learn

Inspired by the high demand for new methods of teaching and learning, entrepreneur Natalie Wood's e-classroom concept is keeping pupils and teachers alike enthralled.
Instilling a love of reading

South Africans told: 'Go Open'

State’s IT standards lauded

The Mark Shuttleworth Foundation has praised the South African government for applying information technology standards that promote interoperability among public sector computer systems, as well as for its moves toward open source software.
Call for comment on .za domain

Teaching computers South African

Language is no longer a barrier to using a computer in South Africa, thanks to a non-profit organisation that has translated a range of computer software into the country's 11 official languages - and created the first all-South African language keyboard.


STRENGTHENING INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES South Africa's high-tech police service has much more than fast cars, firearms and handcuffs at its disposal to maintain safety...
Call for comment on .za domain

SA’s PC user base reaches 5m

The number of personal computers in use in South Africa will pass the 5-million mark for the first time in 2006, according to a new study by technology research firm World Wide Worx.
New curriculum focuses on Africa

Satellite education for schools

Mindset Cabanga has installed satellite dishes, computers and television sets in 50 schools, bringing multimedia educational resources to children in four provinces.
PC sales boom as prices fall

PC sales boom as prices fall

PC sales in South Africa are soaring according to latest research. And as business confidence increases, there are signs that the new PC market will grow even more.

Chiefs launch cyber centre

Kaizer Chiefs, one of South Africa's top soccer teams, have joined up with IT firm Acer to create a cyber centre in Johannesburg to help small enterprises tap the benefits of e-business.


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