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It's a wrap for the first Cape Town Fringe

It’s a wrap for the first Cape Town Fringe

The organisers of the first Cape Town Fringe festival say the attendance figures for the 11-day festival of theatre, music and dance have set them on the same growth path as other festivals they've studied - particularly their World Fringe Alliance partner festivals in Amsterdam, Prague and New York.
Tracking space for 40 years

Caspar Lee, South Africa’s 20-year-old YouTube millionaire

He's only 20 years old, but South African Caspar Lee is already a multimillionaire – thanks to YouTube and the 3.1-million subscribers to his channel. More than that, he's starred in a major new movie, has appeared on British radio and TV, and is trying his hand at live standup comedy.

American film industry on tour

Several international films have already been shot in South Africa, but there is potential for so much more. A group of Hollywood producers is in the country to hear what it has to offer, and learn more about the locations, professional talent and services available, as well as the government incentives for the industry.

Video: 'White Wedding' strikes a chord

Video: ‘White Wedding’ strikes a chord

Romantic comedy "White Wedding" grossed over R1.1-million on its opening weekend on the South African movie circuit. Actor and co-writer Kenneth Nkosi chats about his role in the movie and how the storyline came about.

Ramolao Makhene, people’s actor

Arts, Culture, Science and Technology Minister Ben Ngubane has paid tribute to world-acclaimed actor Ramolao Makhene, who died of liver cancer on Sunday, saying the actor inspired South Africans through his commitment to his craft.


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