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Benin gallery keeps African art in Africa

The first contemporary art museum in West Africa is putting the tiny country of Benin on the art map. The free museum, called the...

Benin gallery keeps African art in Africa

Contemporary African art is carving a niche in the West African town of Ouidah, Benin. Known more for its slave trade and voodoo roots, the region is starting to draw visitors more interested in the arts and culture. It is also offering a space for expatriate artists to show their work at home for the first time.

Valuable octant found on beach

An old octant, most likely from the ship the Amsterdam, which was run aground in Algoa Bay almost 200 years ago while sailing from the Dutch East Indies to the Netherlands, has washed ashore in Port Elizabeth.
Safer seas for Port Elizabeth’s marine life

Help spot Kruger's wild dogs

Centre for the protection of penguins

The South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre near Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape is constantly on the lookout for birds needing a helping hand.
South Africa protects its oceans


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