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Old Fourlegs – a fishy tale

Had it not been for the passion of a self-trained South African naturalist, the discovery of a living specimen of the rare coelacanth around this time in 1938 may never have happened.
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Mozambique leads in marine conservation

Mozambique’s pristine Primeiras and Segundas coastal belt is now formally under conservation, thanks to the recent proclamation of Africa’s biggest marine protected area.
Mozambique gets new reserve

New 'living fossil' joins coelacanth

New ‘living fossil’ joins coelacanth

A PhD student from Johannesburg's Wits University has uncovered a 360-year-old fossil of a small boneless fish species still found swimming, largely unchanged, in today's waters - again proving that South Africa is a rich repository of evidence of the evolution of life on earth.
coelacanth project

Coelacanth project takes off

The coelacanth, a prehistoric fish that has lived in the Indian Ocean for 400 million years, and thought until 1938 to be extinct, is now the subject of a government-backed research project off the coast of Sodwana Bay, coupled with an educational programme in rural schools in KwaZulu-Natal.


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