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WEF on Africa 2016: Digital technology in schools

What problems can be solved by the use of digital technology in schools? This was one of the questions discussed at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Kigali. Speakers from across the world gave their insights into how digital technology could improve learning inside and outside classrooms.

KZN pupils switch on the e-school

e-schools---thumbMany South African schoolchildren have little access to learning materials. With this mind, Vodacom has launched its e-school, a learning platform offering internet access to educational content for grades 10 to 12, based on the South African Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements.

Makoko Floating School: a model of Nigerian cutting edge design

Nigerian Kunle Adeyemi's floating school in Makoko, Lagos, has received widespread international appeal and won the acclaimed architect several awards.

Helping kids shine at school – in their own language

Teaching children in a language they don't speak at home hampers their progress: by grade 6, less than 1% of kids learning in a second language cope with school, with many struggling with the basics of reading. At the Shine Centre, a small yet determined group of volunteers is finding a way out of the gloom.

Obami opens up the classroom

Technology is coming to the assistance of under-resourced rural schools in the form of Obami. On a road trip through the country, its creators "experienced hope. There's an undeniable sense ... that as a nation, we can pull together and conquer".
Safe social portal for scholars

Back-to-school tips for parents

Going back to school can be tough, as it means getting into new routines, and the transition from holiday mode to going back to school can be difficult for both children and parents. Help2read provides some back-to-school tips to make the change easier.

Getting internet from the sun

An award-winning internet-access project for schools, first piloted at a Johannesburg school a year ago by electronics giant Samsung, is proving so popular that other African countries will soon benefit.
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