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Children roar to save white lions

There are just 12 white lions remaining in the wild. This is the reason the Global White Lion Protection Trust is enlisting the help...
South Africa prepares for CITES CoP17

South Africa prepares for CITES CoP17

It's all systems go as South Africa signs the host country agreement for the CITES CoP17 World Wildlife Conference to be held in Johannesburg this year. The logo for the conference, featuring a white rhino, has also been unveiled. The conference will focus on the illegal trade in endangered species.
South Africa's wildlife wonders

CITES approves two ivory importers

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species has approved Japan and China as recipients of South Africa's stockpiled ivory. The conservation body has given the go-ahead for South Africa to make a once-off sale of 51 121 metric tons of raw ivory.


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