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Blecher changes the education paradigm

From Cida to the Maharishi Institute, Taddy Blecher is taking his inside-out approach to education and philanthropic philosophy to a whole new level. There are no hand-outs at this business school – each graduate pays for another student who takes his place in a cycle aimed at improving the community as a whole. We can end poverty, he says.

The force behind SA's free varsity

The force behind SA’s free varsity

Taddy Blecher, a founding member of Cida City Campus, South Africa's almost-free tertiary institution, is clearly the spark that makes this audacious dream a success.
'Ubuntu' university lifts off

BEE fund bankrolls Cida students

Cida City Campus, a business and technology university that supports financially disadvantaged students, has launched a broad-based black economic empowerment fund to finance its programmes.


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