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Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital by the numbers

The Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital (NMCH) in Parktown, Johannesburg, is one of the greatest legacy projects in the former president's name. It will begin...

Mandela Children’s Hospital finally opens

The Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital, an idea that began with a vision by Nelson Mandela as far back as his presidency in the 1990s,...

Madiba’s legacy is forever

The Centre of Memory will keep alive Mandela's ideals and principles. It is a store of his history, and a space for dialogue on the present and future. The Children's Fund is investing in that future, through various programmes focused on the poor and vulnerable.
Mandela posters show world's respect

Mandela posters show world’s respect

Among the many tributes to former president Nelson Mandela is a poster art project started by two South African designers. Instead of the 95 entries they hoped for, they got 700.
Liliesleaf remembered 50 years on


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