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Home from Home: Raising orphans in loving community homes

Central to the Home from Home model of care is the special bond between foster parent and child. (Image: Home from Home)It all started...

The advantages of Early Childhood Development

AECD thumbBy putting more effort into developing a child during their early stages parents can help the child grow into a more rounded and productive adult and make the most of the advantages of Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Chris van Wyk: the storyteller of Riverlea

Chris van Wyk will be missed by many: by his friends and neighbours where he grew to manhood, by the many schoolchildren enchanted by his tales, and by South Africa, for this man of many words opened our eyes to the experiences of our neighbours, and in so doing wrote all of our stories.

Cape Town spends more on early childhood development

Cape Town spends more on early childhood development

Cape Town has allocated R16-million for the construction of more early childhood development centres across the city, in order to give more young children a safe early learning environment level and prepare them better for entering formal schooling.
World Cup 'a lesson in tackling abuse'

Centre to focus on childhood development

A Centre of Excellence aimed at understanding the challenges of early childhood development in South Africa was opened on Tuesday. Co-hosted by Wits and the University of KwaZulu-Natal, the centre brings together scholars to help find ways of giving all children the best possible start in life.

Kumba invests in SA child development

Kumba Iron Ore, a business unit of mining company Anglo American, has invested R32-million in the construction of nine early childhood development centres in South Africa's Northern Cape province.

Unique sculpture at Mandela Capture Site

Following the Nelson Mandela trail

From the island prison where he lived for 18 years to his post-presidential archive in Johannesburg, from rural childhood scenes to a house in South Africa's busiest township, Nelson Mandela left a rich trail across the country for the discerning tourist to follow.
All at sea with Seta?

EPWP to focus on early childhood

South Africa is bringing in elements such as early childhood development and the National Youth Service into its Expanded Public Works Programme, signalling an intensified effort to tackle unemployment.


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