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Map of population density in South Africa

South Africa’s population

South Africa is a nation of diversity, with over 50-million people and a wide variety of cultures, languages and religious beliefs. Find out about our population groups, their distribution across the country's nine provinces, and more.

Young South Africans plan to stay at home

The youth are our future, and in South Africa, that future wants to stay at home. Less than 10% of South Africans under the age of 24 planned to migrate to another country, a Brand South Africa survey has found.

Census 2011 mega-data capture begins

Census 2011 mega-data capture begins

Approximately 135 000 boxes of questionnaires, 225-million individual pages, and 775 000 man-hours ... Planning Minister Trevor Manuel says he is confident in the strict oversight and data capturing processes involved in the delivery of Census 2011.


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