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More South Africans log on via mobile

More South Africans log on via mobile

The number of cellphones in South Africa has soared by over 800% in the past decade or so, according a new report. And while internet connectivity speeds are ponderously slow and very expensive, this has not stopped South Africans from using their phones to connect to the web.

Durban developer’s mobile app scores in Nokia competition

Want to be in your photograph but don't want to ask a stranger to take your picture? TapShoot is the answer. The intriguing smartphone app for Windows phones grabbed its developer a top place in the Nokia Future/Capture contest.

Kilimo Salama farmers’ safety

Small scale farmers in east and central Africa are able to get some measure of insurance protection from bad weather through a micro-insurance project that is run entirely through mobile phone technology.
New centre to enhance food security

Vodacom's solar-powered cellphone

Vodacom’s solar-powered cellphone

In a bid to exploit South Africa's abundant sunshine and reduce reliance on mains electricity, Vodacom has launched a low-cost solar-powered mobile phone with the unique ability to charge on the go - even when it's not in direct sunlight.
Buying flowers with your cellphone

Buying flowers with your cellphone

First National Bank has partnered with NetFlorist to allow its customers to buy flowers online and pay for them quickly and safely by using their cellphones.
Game's up for cellphone thieves

IFC boost for cellphone banking

The International Finance Corporation has taken up a 10% stake in Johannesburg-based Wizzit Bank, which enables its customers to operate bank accounts using cellular phones, extending banking services to low-income earners and customers in rural areas.
MXit takes aim at global market

SA cellphone banking on the rise

The penetration of cellphone banking in South Africa has more than doubled in the past year, and is expected to climb further in 2008, while the gender gap in users of such services is also dropping, new research finds.
Morabaraba? Get on board!

Morabaraba for your cellphone

A team of South African students have won an international award for developing an online, cellphone version of the traditional African board game Morabaraba.

How to Buy a Cellphone in South Africa

Everyone knows a free cellphone is not really free, but it has always seemed impossible to figure out what you are really paying. Until now, that is. A new guide to cellular phones and contracts promises to guide South African consumers through the traps and tricks of the industry.
Game's up for cellphone thieves

Cost key to SA cellphone banking

Just over one in 10 South Africans with bank accounts have used their cellphones for banking, according to a new study, with high perceived cost being the strongest inhibitor.


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