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West Africa rises to the occasion

West Africa rises to the occasion

Renting a car in West Africa now means you can offset your carbon emissions by generating credits from the distribution of energy efficient stoves in Ivory Coast following the first carbon credits transaction involving a seller and a buyer in the region.

Infographic: COP20 Summit

It took an extra day of negotiations but delegates to the COP20 summit left Lima, Peru, having made decisions that provide a clear and solid foundation for talks in Paris at the end of next year.

Africa pushes for commitment at COP20

The continent stands to lose the most from the gradual change in weather patterns, and the disruption in food production and destruction of habitats and ecosystems will have the greatest impact. They want delegate countries to "put more on the table" in finding a successful way to cut greenhouse emissions.

Climate Reality Project counts carbon costs

Miss Earth South Africa executive director Catherine Constantinides and Generation Earth founder Ella Bella recently led a Skype call with former US vice president and environment advocate Al Gore to raise awareness of how climate change and carbon emissions may affect Africans.

Cities combat climate change

South Africa's biggest cities are putting in place plans to combat climate change, from mass transit systems to using methane from landfills for energy. They understand the need to work towards a low carbon future, and for this are in the running to be named Global Earth Hour Capital.
· SA’s sustainable transport bid

South Africa’s sustainable transport bid

Economic stability is seeing South African cities making huge investments in transport infrastructure. The move will see commuters’ costs go down, while their access to urban jobs and inner city suburbs improve.

Sustainable tourism a must

South Africa was the first country in the world to adapt the principles of fair trade to its tourism industry and on World Tourism Day, celebrated on 27 September, businesses in the sector were encouraged to apply for certification.
Responsible tourism at Buffalo Ridge

Vodacom gets 'green' innovation centre

Vodacom gets ‘green’ innovation centre

Work is under way on building one of Africa's greenest buildings as Vodacom and its parent company Vodafone plan an alternative energy innovation centre to help reduce carbon emissions across the world.


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