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Showcasing SA's climate response

Carbon offset scheme for SA firms: call for comment

The National Treasury has called for public comment on a set of proposals for a carbon offset scheme aimed at enabling South African businesses to lower their carbon tax liability and make investments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Megacities to talk climate change in Johannesburg

Johannesburg will host nearly a thousand delegates from 63 of the world's megacities for the C40 Cities Mayors Summit. All cities' mayors will be in the city of gold, to discuss urban solutions to global climate change.

Durban's plan to offset COP 17 footprint

UK fund for low-carbon projects in SA

The British High Commission has launched a £1-million (R11.9-million) fund for 2012/13 to support projects in South Africa that are linked to prosperity, trade and low carbon growth, and has invited organisations to submit concept proposals.

Chinese, SA firms help ‘green’ COP 17

A Chinese investment company is to buy carbon credits from a Johannesburg brick factory registered under the Kyoto Protocol's emissions trading scheme to offset the travel of over 750 UN-sponsored delegates to COP 17 in Durban.
Act now

Act now, Ban urges climate delegates

As the pressure mounted at the UN climate summit in Durban on Tuesday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon warned that the world was in danger, and that countries needed to take decisive steps towards signing a new deal on cutting carbon emissions.
Cut carbon - make fire like a granny!

Cut carbon – make fire like a granny!

As its carbon offset project for the future, Avis Rent a Car has chosen an innovative South African cooking and heating method, Basa njengo Magogo, which is cheaper and carbon-friendlier than methods traditionally used in the country's townships.

Avis supports carbon offset project

As its carbon offset project for the future, Avis Rent a Car has chosen a cooking and heating method which reduces carbon emissions and is more economical than traditional methods commonly used in townships.
IDC fund helps companies go green

Standard buys into Russian bank

Standard Bank reduces carbon footprint

South Africa's Standard Bank has installed a hybrid solar water heating system at its head office in Johannesburg in order to reduce its carbon footprint - while saving the financial group nearly R1-million a year in energy costs.

Corking carbon emissions

South African-based food packaging and processing company Columbit has launched an initiative to encourage its wine clients to reduce their carbon footprint. The company is distributing specimens of the indigenous spekboom plant, known for its immense carbon-absorbing properties, to wine producers to decorate their tasting rooms.

Africa’s carbon-trading potential

Delegates at the first all-African carbon forum in Dakar, Senegal, agreed the continent's entrepreneurs need cash to break into the expanding international carbon emissions trading market.