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Tag: Cape of Good Hope

Ostrich chases cyclists in Cape Town

Cyclists training for the prestigious Cape Town Cycle Tour were joined by a speeding ostrich. Oleksiy Mishchenko captured the precious footage on his head cam. The clip has gone viral globally and has received over a million views on YouTube already.

Cape shipwreck adds another chapter to slave trade story

More than 200 slaves bound for the cane fields of Brazil died in the icy ocean around the Cape of Good Hope when their slave ship was wrecked. Remnants of the wreckage are being studied by maritime archaeologists and historians in South Africa and the US.

A need for roots drives passion for genealogy

When he discovered the names of his great-great-grandparents, who were slaves on a farm in Worcester, Aubrey Springveldt felt a sense of "rootedness". His interest and experience in genealogy led to his teaching others how to research their family history.


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