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For women, by women – Pink Taxi Egypt

Female taxi drivers could soon be plying the streets of Cairo, carting their female passengers from point A to point B. Pink Taxi Egypt, a new initiative, wants to make female passengers feel safer while using cabs in the city, but it has already faced criticism.

More colour added to London’s Alive with Possibility taxis

Adding colour to London's taxisThe International Marketing Council of South Africa (IMC) has embarked on an ambitious campaign to raise awareness about the country in the British capital.

The campaign is an extension of last year's branding exercise, which saw ten taxis branded with the "South Africa: Alive with Possibility" logos and each given mind-opening headlines about South Africa. This time around, the ten additional taxis are more colourful and resplendent in colours of the South African flag.

South Africa, please, taxi driver

Ten London taxis, with more than a splash of South African colour and wit, have taken to the streets of London for a 12-month zig-zag promotion of South Africa as one of the world's most exciting destinations for tourism, trade and investment.


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