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Climate change report shows cities working together

National governments may be dithering, but the leaders of some of the world's megacities are proving that concrete action can be taken to prevent catastrophic climate change. The C40 Cities' latest Climate Action in Megacities report stacks up exactly what has been done.

World’s mayors gather in South Africa for C40 Cities climate summit

Mayors and officials from major global cities gathered in Johannesburg this week for the fifth C40 Cities summit, to discuss ways urban leaders can tackle climate change – which former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg called "the greatest challenge of our time".

Joburg acts to beat climate change

The fifth C40 Cities Mayors Summit will take place in Johannesburg this month. It's a good time to look at the measures the city is taking to combat the effects of changing weather patterns. It is among the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases in South Africa, but it is working to rebalance this legacy.

Megacities to talk climate change in Johannesburg

Johannesburg will host nearly a thousand delegates from 63 of the world's megacities for the C40 Cities Mayors Summit. All cities' mayors will be in the city of gold, to discuss urban solutions to global climate change.

Cities combat climate change

South Africa's biggest cities are putting in place plans to combat climate change, from mass transit systems to using methane from landfills for energy. They understand the need to work towards a low carbon future, and for this are in the running to be named Global Earth Hour Capital.
· SA’s sustainable transport bid


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