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Lions under threat

The king of the jungle is not yet critically endangered, but if conservations efforts are not reinforced, lions may become just a memory. Several organisations work to save the big cats, which are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.
Giving wildlife a sporting chance

Call of the wild in Sabi Sand

Encounters with wild animals often remind us of ourselves as a species – and nowhere is this made more abundantly clear than in the South African bush.
Kruger Park marks 110 years


Mbeki, Bush discuss Africa

Conflict in Sudan and the upcoming G8 summit were top of the agenda when President Thabo Mbeki met United States President George W Bush at the White House on Wednesday.

Mandela, Bush discuss debt relief

Nelson Mandela and US President George Bush discussed the battle against Aids in Africa and ways to reduce developing country debt during a meeting at the White House in May.


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