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Zuma in Burundi to cement ties

Burundi’s exports to South Africa amounted to almost R150-million (US$20.9-million) in 2010, and President Jacob Zuma’s state visit to the East African country could further strengthen this trade relationship.
Talks to launch African trade bloc

Burundian men empower women

Male “revolutionaries” go against tradition in Burundi by supporting and empowering their womenfolk, helping them to rise to prominent positions in local government, and raising awareness of gender-based violence.
New body to empower SA women

Thabo Mbeki’s African vision

While the transformation in South Africa's relationship with the rest of the world since 1990 has been nothing short of remarkable, The Economist observes in a special survey of the country, President Thabo Mbeki has "added his own distinctive twist to this natural resurgence" with a foreign policy based on African solutions to African problems.


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