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Africa Month

Celebrating Africa Month: The Journey Begins with Us says Bulelwa Basse

By Bulelwa Basse The commemoration of Africa Month is upon us, once again, and we have the opportunity to reflect on what it means to...

Basse nominated as a Woman of Worth

French cosmetics giant L’Oreal has nominated Play Your Part ambassador Bulelwa Basse as one of South Africa’s Women of Worth candidates thanks to her...

Play Your Part ambassador wins cultural award

Bulelwa thumbLyrical Base Project has been noted for its contribution to the literary arts with an award from the Western Cape government. Founder Bulelwa Basse says there is no better way to begin this journey of celebration.

Bulelwa Basse nominated for cultural award

Bulelwa---thumbPoet and activist Bulelwa Basse has been nominated in the Western Cape Cultural Awards 2016. Not only content to work in the arts and cultural field to build an inclusive South Africa, Basse also empower people through financial literacy.

Women of excellence: Bulelwa Basse, poet who plays her part

Bulelwa Basse is the founder of Lyrical Base Projects, an arts and culture organisation that works with writers from diverse marginalised communities to uplift and increase their capacity in creative writing, poetry and the performing arts.

Bulelwa Basse: Highlighting women’s strengths through poetry

Bulelwa BasseThrough her organisation the Lyrical Base Project, poet Bulelwa Basse empowers and motivates women, helping to uplift poor communities and invest in their artistic expression through creative writing, poetry and performing arts.


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