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Cabinet Colleagues

Full text: South Africa’s 2018 budget speech

Honourable Speaker Mister President, Cabinet Colleagues and Deputy Ministers Governor of the Reserve Bank, MECs of Finance Fellow South Africans.Ndi masiari Sanibonani Molweni Goeie...

Full text: South Africa’s 2017 budget speech

South Africa's finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, presented what many believe to be a tough budget. At the same time he calls on all South...

VIDEO: Budget 2017- word on the street

The Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan will deliver his budget speech in parliament on 22 February 2017.The Minister’s speech will address the social and...

WATCH: South Africa’s 2017 budget speech

Finance minister Pravin Gordhan's 2017 budget speech promises to steer South Africa clear of the rocks. Find out just how he will do that...

Budget 2016: in numbers

Finance minister Pravin Gordhan called on all South Africans to be resilient, committed and resourceful in his 2016 budget speech. Guided by the National Development Plan, Gordhan is prioritising education, infrastructure development and job creation this year. We look at some of the figures making up the 2016 Budget.

Budget speech 2016

Full text: South Africa’s 2016 Budget speech

Emphasising that South Africans are "resilient, committed and resourceful", Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan delivered his 2016 Budget speech to the National Assembly in Parliament on Wednesday 24 February. Read the full speech, watch the video, and download key documents.

Brand South Africa welcomes Minister Gordhan’s Budget Speech

Johannesburg, Wednesday 27 February 2013 – Brand South Africa welcomes the 2013-2014 Budget Speech by Minister Gordhan. The overall budget addresses the key areas of socio-economic priorities as envisaged in the National Development Plan (NDP). The Minister identified the NDP as a key pillar of the budget, saying “The NDP will be implemented by government and budgets will be aligned to it” said the Minister - bringing the NDP to life.
Capital investment to drive growth

Business looks to Gordhan’s Budget

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's Budget speech should send a signal to the world that South Africa is a stable and growing economy, while also giving information on how the country's infrastructure projects will be funded, says the SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Budget big on education, jobs

Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan announced a new, energised commitment to South Africa’s young people in his maiden budget speech, with education and job-creation programmes for graduates and school-leavers high on his list of priorities.
Zuma’s 2010 plan of action

Clever Trevor

Something funny happened on 11 February 2009. The minister of finance, Trevor Manuel, delivered his budget speech – and everyone loved it. The Left was happy, the business community was ecstatic and ordinary South Africans lauded it, writes Justice Malala.


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