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TV 'white space' trial makes the connection

TV ‘white space’ trial makes the connection

South Africa may soon start using television "white space" - unused channels in the broadcast TV spectrum - to deliver cheap broadband to remote areas after a successful Google trial showed that this can be done without interfering with existing TV channels.

Smart cities need innovative citizens

THe notion of a city, where the creative ideas of its entire population can be gathered and used for solving urban problems and improving living conditions, is not far off, say experts.
Social participation key to efficient cities

IPTV heading to South Africa

The future lies in Internet Protocol Television, but bandwidth in South Africa is lacking, which has prompted the UN’s International Telecommunications Union to work with the country on alternatives.
• More broadband for South Africa

Vodacom Millionaires gets KZN school connected

Local telecoms operator Vodacom has donated a fully equipped computer centre and internet access to learners from Wingen Heights Secondary School in Shallcross, KwaZulu Natal.

Vodacom gets Eastern Cape school online

A previously disadvanaged school in Mthatha now has a mobile computer centre equipped with a server, 21 workstations, a multimedia projector and access to the internet, thanks to a partnership between Vodacom and the Department of Communications.

500 Gb/s network trial a global first in SA

Broadband doubles as SA shifts to mobile

Broadband access in South Africa more than doubled in the last two years as mobile operators slashed the cost of data and network roll-outs accelerated, with the migration from fixed line to mobile representing "a profound shift in the way South Africans consume content", a new study finds.

South Africa’s telecommunications

Telecommunications is one of the fastest growing sectors of South Africa's economy, driven by rapid growth in mobile telephony and broadband connectivity.

South African universities to get fast broadband

Major public universities in South Africa can expect to be running top-class broadband connectivity to the high-speed South African National Research Network by the end of this year.
DUT offers online registration

Africa to get even more broadband

Africa is bracing itself for yet another broadband boom with the recent announcement of the BRICS-backed South Atlantic Express. This new submarine cable system will connect the continent to South America.
Seacom: new era for SA internet

Vodacom offers speediest broadband

With the introduction of its double-speed HSPA+ technology, Vodacom can now boast of having the fastest mobile broadband network in South Africa.
Cheaper internet for South Africa


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