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Infographic: How much do you know about breast cancer?

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the aim is to increase knowledge about the disease. If it is detected early, effective treatment can...

Breast cancer is on the agenda

Breast-cancer-awareness-resized-thumbOctober is set aside around the world to raise awareness of breast cancer, the second most prevalent form of cancer globally. During International Breast Cancer Month various organisations promote health and wellbeing, and raise awareness of early detection.

Dr Benn builds a clinic without walls

The HJ Breast Clinic is a place where a multitude of medical and social disciplines look at the whole of the patient during treatment. The idea is a health system that treats its patients as whole beings and not just a collection of diseased organs – and imagine if more medical professionals gave of their time.

Bridgestone keeps PinkDrive on the road with R1m donation

Bridgestone has given breast cancer charity PinkDrive its biggest ever once-off donation of R1-million, with the money being raised from motorists who purchased sets of pink valve caps at the tyre manufacturers outlets.

Strength through breast cancer

PinkDrive is one of the organisations working hard to combat breast cancer by offering education and access to screening facilities.

Closing in on total asbestos ban

Big bikes rev up for good causes

Harley-Davidson recently launched its 2012 range, and whether the mighty machines inspire envy, admiration or irritation, it is important to not forget that they are used extensively for good in South Africa and elsewhere.
Bikers hit the road for Mandela Day


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