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The official information gateway to South Africa, SouthAfrica.info is Brand South Africa's encyclopaedic guide to the country and the online source of news and information about how we are Inspiring New Ways.

Welcome to the Brand South Africa MediaClub

The Brand South Africa MediaClub is an innovative news service for media practioners across the world, offering background material on South Africa, up-to-the-minute news...
Brand SA ads in Economist top 10

Brand SA worth over R500bn

As South Africa prospers, so does the brand it represents. According to Minister in the Presidency Essop Pahad, Brand South Africa's weight in the global marketplace is now valued at R516.6-billion - up from R379-billion four years ago.

Brand South Africa website hits new record

www.southafrica.info - The Official Gateway

Brand South Africa's official website -http://www.southafrica.info/- posted record figures last month, achieving 2.5 million page impressions in March. And in another record, the number of unique visitors going to the site, which is managed by BigMedia, increased to a record 247 000 in March. 

Inspired Leaders

5 years ago when we started developing Brand South Africa there were no templates for us to learn from – nation branding has only begun to come into its own now as the global market place has become so intensely competitive. So, we at Brand SA with a mandate from the President to change the perceptions of SA  - to attract tourism, trade and investment, forged our own way. Using the process of the Unilever brand key, a gift from Niall Fitzgerald to president Mbeki, we started our fascinating journey. The process took 18 months and incorporated the views of 25 000 people. The defined essence of the brand I am sure you are all familiar with – South Africa – Alive With Possibility!

From a speech delivered by Yvonne Johnston, CEO of the International Marketing Council,  at Melrose Arch on 11 September 2006.

Getting Brand SA behind World Cup

The recent 2006 World Cup, which was organised with precision by Germany, has drawn a plethora of comparisons between Germany and SA, writes Terry Behan. Our ability to host a successful World Cup in the wake of such efficiency is being questioned.

Ironically, most of the hard comparisons are coming from local journalists, who are comparing, among other things, the efficiency of German trains to the gross inefficiencies of our own train system, and how we are doomed because of it. In this specific instance, the journalists are correct.

However, even if we were to host the World Cup again in 2022, we still wouldn’t be able to expect the same German precision when it comes to SA’s train schedules, or anything else for that matter.

Brand SA ads in Economist top 10

Brand SA ads in Economist top 10

Adverts promoting Brand South Africa have been voted among the 10 most memorable by European readers of leading international business publication The Economist.
South Africa

South Africa, please, taxi driver

Ten London taxis, with more than a splash of South African colour and wit, took to the streets of London in September 2004 for a 12-month zig-zag promotion of South Africa as one of the world's most exciting destinations for tourism, trade and investment.


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