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Nation Brand FAQs

You might have heard of nation branding but do not know what it actually means. You may even want to know more about it....

Ikusasa’s exceptional students join Brand SA at Constitution Hill

Mathiba Molefe KwaZulu-Natal students Chirinda Takunda ,Yolanda Mvinjelwa, and Zinhle Shange rewarded for their selfless work in their communities. (Image: Mathiba Molefe) On Friday 12 August...

Brand South Africa introduces the Constitution to students from Georgia State University

Brand South Africa today brought together MBA students from Georgia State University in the United States and the Bokamoso Youth Entrepreneurship and Mentorship programme...

Study finds South Africans are proud and patriotic ahead of Freedom Month

Coming ahead of the country’s annual commemoration of Freedom Month, Brand South Africa’s Domestic Perceptions Research shows that being South African is a significant element of individual and national identity. Over 80% of 2 536 respondents say they are extremely proud to be South African.

Improved water testing kit ensures water safety

Rhodes University's Dr Catherine Luyt has made significant improvements to a water testing kit that will allow rural residents to make sure their drinking water is safe to use. 

South African corporates drive positive perceptions of South Africa

Research conducted for Brand South Africa by Media Tenor has found that South African corporates are driving positive perceptions of the country in domestic and global media.

Former Director-General of Tourism to head Brand South Africa

Brand South Africa’s Chairman Ms Chichi Maponya today announced that Mr Kingsley Makhubela has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Brand South Africa for the period 2015-2020.

Youth perceptions under the spotlight in Brand South Africa domestic survey

Over the past 10 years Brand South Africa's annual national perception survey has identified trends shaping society to help predict how these are likely to play out in the future. The latest study produced valuable insights into the youth, and how their perceptions will shape the National Development Plan.

Chris Hani: a selfless leader

Twenty-two years after his assassination, Chris Hani has become the symbol of humility and selflessness. At the memorial held in his honour, President Jacob Zuma called on South Africans to be as selfless as the struggle hero and unite to solve our issues.

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  It’s important to understand our objective with the toolkit in order for us to move...


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