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Call for unity as South Africans celebrate Heritage Day

The mood among South Africans was celebratory as they commemorated Heritage Day, with those who attended the main celebrations in the North West being urged by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa to continue to strive for unity.

Celebrate SA’s rich heritage

Heritage Day is a solemn occasion to remember our past - both its tragic and triumphant moments - as well as a day to celebrate our colourful diversity. Have a braai, go on a tour, visit a museum, or attend an official event.

Celebrate South Africa on Braai Day

Celebrate South Africa on Braai Day

You can barbeque anywhere, but you can only braai in South Africa. On Saturday, as part of National Heritage Day, thousands of South Africans will head outdoors, get the fires going and celebrate the nation's favourite pastime on National Braai Day.


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