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From Mdantsane to the world: The Eastern Cape’s champion boxers

The sleepy town coastal of East London is one of the poorest metropoles in South Africa - and the townships around it are even poorer. Yet this tiny part of South Africa has produced some of the country's - and the world's - greatest boxing champions. Shamin Chibba found out why.

Ali delivers crushing KO victory

Ali delivers crushing KO victory

Laila Ali made short work of Gwendolyn O'Neil in the first professional boxing match between women in South Africa. The fans - Nelson Mandela among them - saw more action in the main supporting bout, as Cassius Baloyi lifted his fifth world title.
Baby Jake: SA's boxing giant

Baby Jake: SA’s boxing giant

There has never been a boxing champ as small as South African boxing giant Jacob "Baby Jake" Matlala. At just 4ft 10in or 147cm, he is not much taller than the average Lord of the Rings hobbit. This, he says, is part of the reason why he quit boxing at the age of 40 last year. He had run out of small people to fight.
Brian Mitchell: the ultimate road warrior

Brian Mitchell: the ultimate road warrior

Quite possibly the best South African boxer of all-time and a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Brian Mitchell won the WBA junior-lightweight title in 1986 and defended it a world record 12 times before retiring in 1991. Due to South Africa's apartheid policy during those times, Mitchell became a true 'road warrior', defending his title almost exclusively abroad.
'Baby Jake': small boxer

‘Baby Jake’: small boxer, big heart

He was the shortest ever boxing world champion, and the only South African to win four world titles. But it was "Baby Jake" Matlala's heart that captured the imagination of the South African public.


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