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Pass "Go" in Monopoly Cape Town; go to Robben Island

Pass “Go” in Monopoly Cape Town; go to Robben Island

South Africa welcomes a regional version of the global board game, Monopoly. Cape Town is the featured city with notable attractions, such as Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Camps Bay, Robben Island, and the mountain, of course, making an appearance, among others.

Board game makes Aids education fun

A new board game designed and developed by three South Africans is adding some spark to HIV/Aids and life orientation education across the country.
Software speeds HIV diagnosis

Board games make learning fun

The educational power of the board game is being unleashed thanks to nifty creations by Afro Games – a one-man company that tackles pertinent social issues using customised games.

Do you want to buy Cape Town?

South Africa's beautiful coastal city of Cape Town is worth more than London, more than Paris, and much more than Athens. Well, it is if you're playing Monopoly.

Boardgame for Gauteng schools

Many students don’t take naturally to learning, but a new fun and competitive method of teaching is set to change that.

Morabaraba? Get on board!

Morabaraba for your cellphone

A team of South African students have won an international award for developing an online, cellphone version of the traditional African board game Morabaraba.


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