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Tag: Bloodhound SSC

SA engineer to help build Bloodhound

South Africa’s Beverly Singh, an engineer from Port Elizabeth, will work on the final assembly stages of the Bloodhound supersonic car, while pursuing a master’s in mechanical engineering.
Proudly SA helmet for Bloodhound

Proudly SA helmet for Bloodhound

A South African lad from the Northern Cape province has been named the co-winner of a competition that invited children to design a helmet for Andy Green, the daredevil who will be attempting to break his own land speed record in 2014.
Bloodhound brings world focus to SA

Bloodhound brings world focus to South Africa

There’s more to the Bloodhound SSC than just mind-boggling speed – the project is aimed at inspiring a new generation of scientists, and a Northern Cape community is benefiting through job creation, better communications infrastructure, and tourism.
SKA: who gets what


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