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Infographic: Birth registrations up, fertility rates down

Early birth registration can help children gain access to government services including health and education. Not having a birth certificate can put a child...

Early birth registration ensures access to basic services

(Image: Isaiais Bartolomeu, Pixabay) Polokwane, Wednesday 31 August 2016 – Brand South Africa's programme to showcase the competitiveness of the province of Limpopo, saw media...
A calf for Thandi

A calf for Thandi, South Africa’s poaching survivor

After surviving having her horn hacked off in 2012, Thandi - a white rhino at the Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape - has become a symbol of hope in the fight against poaching. The birth of her calf on Tuesday shows that a future generation of life is possible, says wildlife vet Dr William Fowlds.

A mother’s love

Mentor mothers - HIV-positive mothers - support and empower other women living with the virus to ensure they don't infect their children, particularly during pregnancy, labour, birth and early childhood.

Traditional midwives back in fashion

Traditional midwives have found a new calling in Madagascar, through a campaign aimed at lowering maternal and newborn death rates by encouraging women to give birth at clinics.
Sangomas join the rhino force

Taking the risk out of giving birth

In a race to meet the Millennium Development Goals deadline of 2015, African governments are stepping up to the plate to address the problem of maternal deaths across the continent.
Healthcare in South Africa


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