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Gallery: Celebrate Marine Month in South Africa

National Marine Month is celebrated from 1 to 31 October in South Africa; it's a time when protecting the country's marine resources comes to the fore. One of the reasons to take action is because the oceans feed us. Learn more about our seas by viewing our gallery.

Grootbos champions South Africa's biodiversity

Grootbos champions South Africa’s biodiversity

Grootbos Nature Reserve is one of five African destinations on National Geographic's Unique Lodges of the World list - three from South Africa and two from Tanzania. It has also been nominated for an international Tourism for Tomorrow Award for its conservation programmes.
Working for Water creates 180 000 jobs

Working for Water creates 180 000 jobs

South Africa's Working for Water programme, the largest public-funded project to eradicate invasive alien plants and improve water resources in the world, has created over 180 000 full-time jobs over the past two decades.

Plant a tree for life

Greenpop plants trees, to beautify spaces, absorb the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, and raise awareness of how important trees are to life on Earth.

Saving South Africa’s wildlife

Since 1973 the Endangered Wildlife Trust has been working to protect endangered African species from extinction. Its programmes balance humans' needs for resources against those of wild animals by sustainably conserving their habitats.

Barberton glitters with more than just gold

While mining laid the foundations of this Mpumalanga town, its geological, cultural and ecological riches make it a unique destination..
Following in Burchell’s tracks

Endangered fynbos gets protection

A short drive from Cape Town's city bowl is the new Bothasig Nature Conservation Area, set up to protect the critically endangered Cape Flats plain fynbos.
Floral wealth in caring hands

The king returns to Cradock

Wild lions have been released in the Mountain Zebra National Park after they were hunted to extinction in the area more than a century ago. The zebra population is now a healthy 800, along with several large antelope species, enough to support the lions.
Addo’s elephant fence comes down

Tanzania’s ‘butterfly effect’

When one thinks of farming, butterflies are not the first commodity that comes to mind. But in Tanzania, this unlikely crop is cultivated to help conserve threatened forests and provide an alternative income to more than 250 farmers.
First World Forestry Congress for SA

Trailblazer: Robyn Wienand

South African wine farms invest in biodiversity

The World Wide Fund for Nature's Biodiversity and Wine Initiative was established in 2004 with the aim of boosting joint efforts between conservation groups and South Africa's wine industry, and now boasts 195 members.
SA wines lead 'green' label drive


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