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Freedom Day: long time coming

Apartheid was only formally legislated by the National Party in 1948, but discrimination had existed in South Africa for hundreds of years before that. This month, the country marks that long walk to freedom.
Freedom Park: celebrating peace

Education in South Africa

An overview of education in South Africa and how it works, including general, higher education and training, private and public institutions, education policy and spending, overcoming the legacy of apartheid education and much more.

Values, heritage can be learnt here

Constitution Hill in Johannesburg wants young children from around the city to learn about the role the Constitution plays in their everyday lives, and is creating a place where they can do this for free.
Gallery: Constitutional Court

Gallery: Constitutional Court

South Africa's Constitutional Court is not your average court house. Packed with symbolism and magnificent works of art, the court is always open and anyone may come in and look around at any time.
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Universal healthcare for SA?

The South African government is planning the rollout of universal health coverage in the country, in line with the Bill of Rights provision that “everyone has the right to have access to healthcare services, including reproductive healthcare”.


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