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It is time for parity in unpaid housework

Women's Month is under way in South Africa, making it an apt time to examine progress women have made in gaining equality, as well...
South Africa's land ownership proposals 'are fair'

South Africa’s land ownership proposals ‘are fair’

The Regulation of Land Holdings Bill, to be submitted to parliament this year, will restrict foreign ownership of land in South Africa. But, says President Zuma, this will safeguard the interests of citizens and will not chase away existing and potential foreign investors.
Bill to empower Khoisan community

Bill to empower Khoisan community

President Jacob Zuma has lauded Adam Kok I, the Griqua leader who stood up to the colonial authorities 300 years ago, as "one of the greatest warriors ever produced by our country", and said a new Bill would empower South Africa's indigenous Khoi, San, Nama, Korana and Griqua communities.
New curriculum focuses on Africa

Bill to instil scholar responsibility

South African scholars will be taught a new Bill of Responsibilities as part of their life orientation lessons, which together with a schools' pledge is intended to instil a culture of respect and responsibility in the country's youngsters.


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