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South Africa opens its biggest solar plant

South Africa opens its biggest solar plant

A new solar power plant in South Africa's Northern Province can produce 180 000 megawatt-hours of energy a year for South African residents, enough to power up 80 000 homes. The Jasper plant was completed two months ahead of schedule and will help the country meet its critical electricity needs.
UN award for Joburg Housing Company

Cape Town’s biggest housing project

The City of Cape Town is set to build 3 200 houses for different income groups on an 80-hectare site in Pelican Park, in what will be the city's biggest, and first fully integrated, housing project.
World record for SA's BIG football

World record for SA’s BIG football

While South Africa is out of the running for 2010 World Cup glory, the country has still made it into the history books and now boasts the title of creator of the world's biggest soccer ball.


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