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beerhouse south africa 99 bottles

South Africa’s Beerhouse has 99 bottles of beer

The founder-owner of the South African restaurant, Beerhouse, aims to have 20 outlets across the country by 2020. The third venue, in Pretoria, opened...

Africa’s home-brewed beer high on Heineken’s list

Dutch beer company Heineken is eyeing Africa's beer drinkers, and aims to grow its profile by meeting the continent's taste for home brews. Its brewery in Ethiopia produces alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers and is preparing to launch its Harar Beer label internationally.

South African craft beer a winner in Germany

South African craft beer a winner in Germany

As craft beers become increasingly popular in South Africa, local brewers are raising their game. Stellenbosch brewery Stellenbrau's Craven Craft Lager beat some 38 finalists from around the world to win the prize for best lager at the 2014 Global Craft Beer Award contest in Germany.

A long, slow sip of change

No longer satisfied with mass-produced brands, beer drinkers are looking for an interesting alternative. Welcome to the craft beer industry. As more people yearn for a more peaceful pace of life, microbrewing and slow food are becoming more popular.

Calling on South Africa’s top draught-pourers

South Africans who believe they can pour the perfect draught beer stand a chance of participating in the upcoming Stella Artois World Draught Master Champs in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Top award for South African World Cup can

Sudan brews its own beer industry

Southern Sudan, which could become Africa’s newest country after a referendum in January 2011, now has its very own modern brewery.
Brewery spreads African reach


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