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African scientists make headway in grasping persistent TB bacteria

With more than one million people being diagnosed with drug-resistant tuberculosis each year, it has become difficult to fight the disease. But Africa’s scientists are making progress by targeting bacteria using techniques that have never been applied to TB research.

Toilet extraction system is a world first

A South African innovation is a world first. The Hygizone extraction system removes odours and bacteria directly from the toilet, making sanitation more hygienic and reducing reliance on ordinary cleaners and air fresheners. It's good for the world, your health, and your nose.

Cheaper water test to improve lives

A Rhodes University student has come up with a cheap and effective home test kit to check the microbial quality of water. It will specifically help rural communities avoid drinking contaminated water.
 Pure water in a jiffy

Germs produce novel HIV drug

South African researchers have genetically engineered a strain of bacteria to produce large and affordable quantities of a novel and highly effective treatment for HIV.

Killing salmonella

Killing salmonella, avian flu in eggs

A consortium led by South Africa's CSIR has developed a new technique to destroy the salmonella bacteria by pasteurising whole raw eggs - without cooking them. The process also holds has the potential to destroy the bird flu virus in eggs.


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