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Disabled South Africans: know your rights – Infographic

South Africa has progressive policies to protect and uplift the disabled. For Disability Awareness Month, we take a look at how disabled South Africans are included in the workplace and in society

Mamas move for health awareness

Clover ThumbThe Clover Mama Afrika project has 41 Mamas throughout South Africa who care for more than 15 500 children and 2 500 elderly people by providing nutritious food daily.

#16Days of Activism in South Africa and the world

#16Days of Activism in South Africa and the world

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence begins on 25 November, highlighting a variety of events and drives to bring the issues of abuse of women and children to a wider audience.

Girl awareness

First name:letta
Last name:lephera
Email address:lettapapi@yahoo.com
Telephone:074 415 2167

Cancer.vive riders bring awareness, hope

ride2---thumbA group of cancer survivors are riding nearly 2 000 kilometres, bringing a message of hope and support to people they meet along the way. Teaching awareness of how to spot the early signs of cancer is another focus of their mission.

Brand South Africa joins a cause to raise awareness about responsible use of alcohol...

Brand South Africa recognises the critical role of youth in building our country’s global competitiveness. Brand South Africa urges the youth in South Africa to engage with and take ownership of the country’s National Development Plan since this plan aims to reduce poverty and inequality by 2030. To ensure that young people can participate in building our country with the NDP as a foundation, the plan has a youth-centric focus.

South African cycles across Africa for rhinos

South African cycles across Africa for rhinos

It was a milestone for John Stanford when he reached Cape Town. He had just cycled more than 15 000km from London. His aim on the arduous journey was to raise awareness and funds for anti-poaching rhino initiatives in South Africa and abroad.
HIV/Aids cases stabilising: survey

World TB Day: South Africa launches screening campaign

With South Africa having the third highest incidence of TB in the world, the government's latest campaign aimed at encouraging South Africans - particularly those in mining communities, early childhood development centres, and inmates in correctional facilities - to be screened and tested for TB.

Bridgestone keeps PinkDrive on the road with R1m donation

Bridgestone has given breast cancer charity PinkDrive its biggest ever once-off donation of R1-million, with the money being raised from motorists who purchased sets of pink valve caps at the tyre manufacturers outlets.

Nelson Mandela

46664: global campaign for change

Nelson Mandela - former Robben Island prisoner number 46664 - is the inspiration behind a HIV/Aids awareness and social justice campaign that aims to honour his humanitarian legacy.


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