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Fifa World Cup Legacy Trust has changed lives

The 2010 Fifa World Cup Legacy Trust has helped a number of football-related community development organisations improve the lives of children across South Africa....

Fifa World Cup Legacy Trust has changed lives

The 2010 football World Cup in South Africa may be a distant memory, but its legacy lives on through the Fifa World Cup Legacy Trust. In the first allocation of funds, 14 organisations got some financial assistance. This has had a huge impact on the lives of some of the country's poorest children.

Good bye Tata, from the Rainbow Nation

Nelson Mandela has left an indelible mark on every South African. His legacy will live on, even as people mourn his passing. Around the country and the world, they gather to pay tribute to a great man and celebrate his inspiring life.

A story of feeding hunger

A hungry young child sparked action for two men in Joburg. They founded Feed a Family, which works to supply meals and other necessities to an impoverished shack settlement on the eastern fringes of the city of gold.

Bright spaces for bright minds

Bringing colour to schoolsA collaboration between a major paint brand and a local NGO has led to the transformation of dull and dreary walls into colourful and inspirational spaces conducive to the development of imagination and learning.

Gift of the Givers responds to Philippine disaster

South Africa-based Gift of the Givers is racing against time to get much-needed medical and food supplies to victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The organisation will also send medical and clean-up teams to the disaster-ridden area.

School theatre for vaccine trial

A play by drama students at Worcester Senior Secondary School, Karina se Keuse, is helping to improve understanding of the importance of clinical trials for new tuberculosis vaccines, and is debunking myths around participation in the crucial tests

Da Silva’s passion for gold

Disabled athlete Dylan da Silva refuses to be bowed by what he doesn’t have; rather, the swimmer and cyclist is looking onwards and upwards to winning more medals and inspiring more people to live Nolimbits.

Red box of knowledge

Read's latest campaign to build a love of books among young children is its Red Reading Box. Enticingly wrapped, each box is filled with books, stickers and games to encourage learners to read, write and talk.

One way to build a nation

Using ex-cons to tell their stories, teach the youth and build up their own lives while doing so, benefits many people. Aga Sechaba Community Projects is charting a positive course for people who would otherwise fall through the cracks.


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