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South Africa to build 43 hospitals

No shortage of antiretrovirals in South Africa

The pharmaceutical industry and national Health Department are working to deal with shortages of certain medications, caused by global shortages of the pharmaceutical ingredients. Minister Motsoaledi has also put to rest concerns about supplies of antiretrovirals.

Revamped Aids council launches

South Africa's national Aids council has relaunched with new members and a renewed sense of purpose. The reformed body has embarked on a wide range of initiatives to improve its effectiveness and the country’s HIV prevention efforts.
Taking HIV testing to the masses

Aaron Motsoaledi’s ARV price health

Price of ARVs slashed

The South African government could achieve its goal of providing antiretrovirals to more people affected by HIV/Aids, following sizeable price-slashing of the life-prolonging treatment.
Massive HIV-testing drive for SA

CSIR develops low-cost Aids drug

South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research has developed a low-cost method of manufacturing the antiretrovirals used to treat HIV/Aids, paving the way for more extensive HIV treatment across Africa.


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