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Jazz inspired by Mandela

A composition inspired by Nelson Mandela, Freedom Dance: Toyi Toyi, earned musician Kesivan Naidoo the Standard Bank Young Artist Award. As a young boy, he watched Mandela’s release from prison in 1990, a moment that shaped his musical life.
Jazz Day to break down barriers

Renovated Mandela archive

The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory “needs to be interpreted in new ways by new generations”. The objective of the revamped centre is to document the fragmented Mandela archive, and “ultimately to ensure it is made available to the public”.
Robben Island revisited digitally

Alice Walker to explore Biko ties

Prof Alice Walker has arrived in South Africa to deliver the 11th annual lecture honouring the late Stephen Bantu Biko, an anti-apartheid activist and leader who founded the Black Consciousness Movement.
Biko's legacy lives on

Suzman: a fearless voice stilled

Helen Suzman, South Africa's best known female politician and a vigorous anti-apartheid campaigner who was not afraid to stand alone against the government of the time, has died in Johannesburg at the age of 91.

Final bow for Miriam Makeba

The final chapter on the life of singer Miriam Makeba has ended in Italy – poignantly, the place where her foray into international stardom began.


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