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Antarctica: new frontier for South Africa’s ocean economy

Venturing into Antarctica could provide numerous economic benefits to South Africa. Norway and South Africa recently held a workshop to flesh out the potential...

Cosmic proof of comet strike on Earth

A carbon-rich pebble found in the shifting sands of the Libyan Desert brings conclusive evidence of a comet hitting the Earth; the extra-terrestrial fragment also holds promise for exciting research into the very beginnings of our solar system.
All systems go at the SKA

SA Agulhas in historic polar trip

The South African polar ship SA Agulhas is en route to the Antarctic with a team of adventurers on board. They will attempt to cross the frozen continent in the dead of winter, a feat never attempted before.
SA Agulhas II arrives

SA Agulhas II arrives

South Africa’s second polar research vessel, the cutting-edge SA Agulhas II, has arrived in South African waters and is expected to embark on her maiden voyage to Gough Island in September.
Preserving memories of Antarctica

Celebrating SA's Antarctic science

Celebrating SA’s Antarctic science

The government has declared June 2006 Antarctica month, an initiative to make South Africans more aware of the unique and exciting research done by the country's scientists on this frozen continent and the sub-Antarctic islands.
Unlocking Antarctica's secrets

Unlocking Antarctica’s secrets

Antarctica is the southernmost, coldest, windiest, highest and most remote of the world's six continents. Since 1960, the South African Antarctic Programme has been working to protect this resource for future generations, and for the environmental health of the entire planet.


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