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African folklore explored in animated short film

African folklore explored in animated short film

A short but powerful animated film is building a global audience with its heart-warming look at African folklore. The film, Orisha's Journey, by Ghanaian Abdul Ndadi has been seen at a number of global short film festivals and is gaining traction with a growing online audience.
Video: Animating 'Electric Juju'

Video: Animating ‘Electric Juju’

Rob van Vuuren's acclaimed one-man play "Electric Juju" is set to become a 2D animated feature-length film. Cape Town-based Clockwork Zoo will be putting it together in collaboration with animators from around the world.

Aids ‘animerts’ spread message

An innovative new campaign using animated characters to communicate the HIV/Aids message to young South Africans promises to be both educational and entertaining.

Woyzech: puppets for grownups

Tragedy told by puppets ... That's what's on offer at Johannesburg's Market Theatre as the award-winning and well-travelled Woyzeck on the Highveld , designed by William Kentridge, makes a nostalgic return to the space it premiered 15 years ago.

African animated series for US

African animated series for US

Magic Cellar, a multiple award-winning South African-Canadian production based on African folk tales, has been acquired by Home Box Office, becoming the first African animated television series to be acquired by a major American network.