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Librarian saves ancient African manuscripts in Timbuktu

When al-Qaida invaded the historic city of Timbuktu, Malian librarian Abdel Kader Haidara worked under the cover of night to save thousands of ancient manuscripts - documenting African knowledge in astronomy, poetry, religion and science - from the extremists.

Starry-eyed under a Shared Sky

Starry-eyed under a Shared Sky

Indigenous astronomy in the southern hemisphere colourfully blurs the lines between fact and fiction; ancient humans used the stars scientifically to track seasons and navigate, but also wove magical myths about the origins of the universe based on the shining spheres. The Shared Sky exhibition captures these stories in handmade quilts and textiles.

Big Tree open to public again

Tsitsikamma’s Big Tree is once more open to the public – the ancient Outeniqua yellowwood was inaccessible for 36 months because of roadworks in the area.

Ancient toolmakers’ fiery secret

New evidence has emerged that 72 000 years ago ancient Southern Africans used fire to treat stone before making tools. Researchers say this signals a breakthrough in human evolution.

Ancient arrows a clue to the past

Bone fragments found in a cave in KwaZulu-Natal shed new light on the hunting habits of our ancestors and indicate that inhabitants of the area used arrows a lot earlier than is accepted by experts.

Maropeng unearths ancient tools

Maropeng unearths ancient tools

South Africa's Cradle of Humankind World Heritage site has thrown new light on humanity's ancient history, with one-million-year-old stone age tools recently unearthed during construction of the site's visitor centre, now known as Maropeng.


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