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Saving the wisdom of Elders

There are hundreds of dying languages across Africa. In South Africa, there are seven listed as endangered by the Endangered Languages Project. Lost Tongue...

Traditional healers from the inside

While becoming a traditional healer himself, Tshepo Phologane decided to document his journey and that of other contemporary healers using his camera. The result is an exhibition called The Truth.
• Sangomas join the rhino force

Unearthing our human ancestors

A team of researchers from South Africa, Israel and Canada, led by Canadian anthropologist Professor Michael Chazan, has found artefacts, thought to be at least 2-million years old, in a cave in the Northern Cape.

Ancient arrows a clue to the past

Bone fragments found in a cave in KwaZulu-Natal shed new light on the hunting habits of our ancestors and indicate that inhabitants of the area used arrows a lot earlier than is accepted by experts.


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