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Miriam Tlali

Miriam Tlali: 1933 to 2017

The late Miriam Tlali was the first black woman to publish a novel in South Africa. She died on 24 February 2017. Tlali was...

EcoBoxx helps micro entrepreneurs

amandla-project---thumbCommunity Chest searches for ways to help people get out of the poverty trap. Its EcoBoxx Entrepreneur Kit and Amandla! project do just this. Rather than simply handing out charity, they allow people to earn their own livings and so contribute to the economy.

Amandla! - singing down apartheid

Amandla! – singing down apartheid

"The apartheid government took everything away from people, but it couldn't stop them from singing", says Lee Hirsch, director of the documentary Amandla!, an impassioned chronicle of the role of music as a means of protest and survival through more than 40 years of struggle against apartheid in South Africa.


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