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SA private equity breaks R100bn mark

‘Green partnership’ call to business

South African President Jacob Zuma, addressing the World Climate Business Summit on Green Business Generation in Durban on Saturday, called on business to partner with the country and the continent in creating a "greener", sustainable future.
Emerging farmer breaks the mould

‘Huge opportunities’ in agri-BEE

There are huge opportunities for banks to get involved in the transformation of South Africa's agricultural sector by providing finance to small-holder farmers and farm workers, and advice to established farmers seeking BEE partners, says Standard Bank.

Fighting agricultural Afropessimism

Suddenly, after 20 years of relative neglect, African agriculture is a hot topic, with a substantial growth in production and a new interest among major donors in funding the sector.
Improved maize for Africa

Africa catches investors’ eyes

An international investment company that recently set up office in South Africa is optimistic that Africa will fast become the focus of investors looking for alternatives in the wake of the recent US financial crisis.

Support for land beneficiaries

Govt approves AgriBEE charter

The Department of Trade and Industry has approved the application for the AgriBEE sector transformation charter, which is aimed at ensuring greater participation by black people in the country's agricultural sector, both in farming activity and in enterprises along the entire value chain.
Better season for SA's farmers

Better season for SA’s farmers

Profitability in South Africa's agricultural industry - the lifeblood of the country's economy - rose by a significant 24% last year, mainly as a result of increased turnovers and improved management styles, the PricewaterhouseCoopers Agribusiness Benchmarking Survey finds.


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