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Platinum players work on way forward

International agencies affirm South Africa’s ratings

Standard & Poor's and Fitch both kept their ratings of South Africa steady on Friday. They were confident that The Treasury was committed to tight fiscal discipline, but warned that weak economic growth, industrial action and persistent electricity shortages kept their outlook negative.
New immigration officers make a mark

BRICS customs agencies to cooperate

The heads of the customs services of the five BRICS member countries met for the first time in South Africa this week to explore ways of tackling common challenges, in particular the fight against drug smuggling.
Hats off to SA football's makarapa!

2010: SA to monitor for hooligans

South Africa has introduced an Advanced Passenger Processing system, and will work closely with Interpol, international travel agencies and Fifa to monitor for the possible entry of soccer hooligans into the country for the 2010 Fifa World Cup.
PPC in R2.7bn empowerment deal

BEE verification agencies selected

South Africa's first 11 BEE verification agencies have been accredited, creating a credible and regulated environment for monitoring and evaluating black economic empowerment in the country.


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