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Initiative to grow Africa’s food security

The world needs to produce 50% more food by 2050, and Africa can fill that need. This is the impetus behind the African Development...
Positive economic outlook for Africa: AfDB report

Positive economic outlook for Africa: AfDB report

The 2014 African Economic Outlook report predicts a rosy outlook for the continent in the short to medium term, with Africa’s growth levels expected to accelerate to 6% in 2015.
AfDB approves loan for South African solar project

AfDB approves loan for South African solar project

The African Development Bank has approved a $142-million loan to help fund the construction of a $908-million, 100 MW concentrating solar power plant in the Northern Cape - the bank's first loan for a renewable energy project in South Africa.

Middle class Africa: meet the new African consumer

Wake up: Africa is no longer "the dark continent". It's a growing consumer market, and by 2020 it will be worth a trillion dollars, driven by demand for technology-based goods. Indeed, everything you think you know about Africa is about to change.

Guarding South Africa's shipping lanes

African growth outlook strong: report

Africa's economic outlook for 2013 and 2014 is promising, confirming its healthy resilience to internal and external shocks and its role as a growth pole in an ailing global economy, according to the African Economic Outlook 2013.

$90bn boost to Africa’s economy

The capital base of the African Development Bank is set to increase by 200%, giving the institution more capacity to meet the needs of countries on the continent, particularly low-income ones.
Eassy to go live soon


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