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South Africa is top for affordable financial services

South Africa is top for affordable financial services

Three-quarters of adult South Africans have bank accounts, and women generally have equal access to formal financial services. Several mobile money payment systems, initiatives to digitise government transfers, and an extensive banking infrastructure all support financial inclusion.
SA doctors develop affordable heart valves

SA doctors develop affordable heart valves

A simple plastic heart valve designed to treat rheumatic heart disease in a cost-effective and accessible way has been developed by a South African company, helping the 1.4-million sufferers of the disease - the vast majority of whom live in the developing world.
East London housing project launched

Absa, E Cape govt partner on housing

The Eastern Cape government has entered into a partnership with Absa to improve access to affordable housing in the province, particularly targeting middle-income earners who do not qualify for low-cost housing but cannot afford expensive bonds either.

All aboard the Tshwane express

Commuters battling the traffic between Johannesburg and Pretoria now have the option of taking the luxury rail route - the Tshwane Business Express will make the trip between the two cities in one hour.

A huge investment in education

Fund makes education affordable

South Africa's Department of Education, in partnership with the private sector, is giving low-income earners the opportunity to save for their children's college or university education from as little as R40 a month.


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